Pre-marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling is a process wherein Imam Nadim will counsel the parents and the potential couple regarding the essentials of marriage and the process.

First, the couple will be required to take an online assessment that will gauge their compatibility and key areas of a standard relationship.

Second, once this process is complete, there will be two in-person or virtual meetings scheduled. One with the parents to explain the process of the marriage and answer any questions they may have. A second meeting is to go through the results of the assessment as well as explain the rights and roles of the husband and wife.

Nikah Contract

The Nikah contract is the documentation process wherein essential details will be discussed, agreed upon, and documented, including potential issues that may arise after the Nikah. This Nikah contract addresses many matters such as in-depth Mahr details, living arrangements, wealth that an individual will share or keep, and steps to be implemented if there is a divorce to ensure a fair and Islamic process takes place if necessary. We will discuss how arbitration and mediation work in the context of marriage. These types of contracts protect both husband and wife if a severe conflict or a divorce may happen. Many judges in the court system highly recommend Islamic arbitration for couples going through separation or divorce.

Nikah Service

Imam Nadim will come to your home or a masjid of your preference to conduct the Nikah Ceremony. This includes a brief lecture, the Nikah ceremony, and a duaa (supplication) to conclude the ceremony. If the Nikah is anywhere outside of the Collin or Dallas County area, an extra fee will be charged.

Marriage Step by Step Process

Service We Offer

Pre-marital Counseling $295
Nikah Service / Ceremony $495
Islamic Marriage Prenup/Contract $495
Islamic Divorce Document $350
Nikah Certificates Per Copy $45

Certificate Designs

Certificate #1

Certificate #2

Certificate #3

Certificate #4

Certificate #5